Fan Kits

We have put together some comprehensive Kits to save the confusion, time and hassle of buying a Fan and accessories for your job.

Freight to metropolitan areas of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide is included. (does exclude some areas, and anywhere surcharges occur, if in doubt please email [email protected])

Good sub-floor Ventilation is achieved by having vents on exterior walls that go through to the sub-floor (in older Federation Style homes, sub-floor vents can be off set from inside to outside course of brick work, which impedes air flow). The Fan will aid and enhance these natural vents by drawing air into an area that otherwise may not have airflow.

When do you need a Fan?

  • Semi detached building with common wall, no vents on one side
  • Built into the ground so floor level , is level or below ground level
  • can't achieve  natural cross flow
  • moist damp area
What size Fan?         

   This will depend on the size of the area and how many existing vents you have.  Air Changes per hour is the mathematical number of times the air can be turned over in a 1 hour period. Example: sub-floor area 10mx6m and 800mm high= 10x6x.8=48m3 at 5 air changes per hour = 240m3. (5 air changes is recommended in a bathroom, so probably a bit over the top in a sub-floor)  Air changes are only a calculation, we are more interested in where the air is coming from, and achieving the maximum amount of cross flow by good positioning of pick-up points to available air vents.