Mould is unhealthy, unsightly and can be damaging to your home. Mould is a tell tale sign of excessive moisture in an area. The leading causes of excessive moisture in a home are from Kitchens, Bathrooms and Laundries. The other area that effects our living space is a damp Sub-floor space.

Aleta Industries has been dealing with damp sub-floor areas for many years, and by having good cross flow or a combination of vents and a fan system in a sub-floor helps reduce dampness in your living space.

The Cycle of mould is very easy to understand, firstly you need the right conditions for mould to grow, mould needs food and moisture. The food is any organic matter and the moisture is from humidity and dampness. The food source can be very small dust particles, that build up on a moist surface, when an airborne mould spore lands on this ideal environment it starts to grow, and once established it starts to multiply by releasing spores into the air. These spores repeat the cycle as your problem increases.

Aleta Industries can help you become mould free, Call 02 9638 1633 for further information.

the above information has been written as a very basic guide on mould.