Mould is unhealthy, unsightly and can be damaging to your home. Mould is a tell tale sign of excessive moisture in an area. The leading causes of excessive moisture in a home are from Kitchens, Bathrooms and Laundries. The other area that effects our living space is a damp Sub-floor space.

Mould spores are tiny typically 2.0 to 20 microns in diameter, they are naturally occurring and are found inside and outside. The problem is once the mould spores find a place to grow inside they can multiply rapidly, and create ongoing problems if not treated properly.

Mould digests whatever organic material they land on in order to survive. Some moulds grow on wood, paper, carpet,foods and other organic material, while other moulds feast on everyday dust and dirt that gather in moist areas of buildings.

As mould is cleaned it feels threatened and releases mould spores into the air, so whilst the original mould is cleaned, there are possibly thousands of spores spread through the building. These spores lie dormant until the right conditions are reached (Food and Moisture), then start the process starts again.

Proper vacuums with HEPA filters will capture the mould spores, however a vacuum that doesn't have a HEPA filter will aid in the distribution of the mould spores.

Recurring Mould:

if mould is recurring in the same area there are a number of reasons why this might happen

1.    The mould wasn't treated properly in the first place

2.    The mould spores have recolonised in the same place

3.    The conditions make it viable for any new spores to grow

Full Remediation Involves

1.    Kill existing mould

2.    Kill mould spores

3.    Reduce moisture sources to change conditions and make it unviable for spores to grow



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the above information has been written as a very basic guide on mould.